Maritime Security Operatives

Whether armed or unarmed we safeguard your people and property

Sea Guardian is a symbol of credibility, excellence, respect and effectiveness. Safeguarding your crew and your vessel is our top priority. Our team members are highly experienced, fully qualified and adequately trained, former military and law enforcement Special Forces personnel.
Each Sea Guardian Maritime Security Operative is able to proceed, with the permission of the Master, to a proportional armed response in the occasion of a pirate attack. Nevertheless, weapons utilization is our last option. Crew training and ships’ hardening and fortification as per BMP has been proved sufficient, in most situations, to deter a pirate attack, thus, weapons are not required to be utilized although always ready to. While on board, our security guards perform the following tasks:
  • Provide specified training to the crew through lectures followed by practice drills tailored to crew’s experience and performance. Psychological preparedness and security awareness mentality cultivation is one of our first priorities.

  • Prepare the vessel’s hardening and fortification duly advising the crew and physically implementing all means available, in order to be ready and able to counter respond against any potential piracy threat.home for marsec

  • Advice the Master on counter-piracy defensive tactics tailored to vessel’s specific features and crew experience.

  • Collect security information, analyze the tactical situation, continuously update the Specific Voyage Risk Assessment (SVSRA), evaluate the current threat level and consult it with Master.

  • Ensure that the watch keeping shifts and vessel’s surveillance system (people & instrumentation) are adjusted to the evaluated threat level.

  • Avoid any surprise buy establishing an adequate high vigilant early warning system

  • Deter any pirate attack attempt by implementing the Industry’s BMP guidance, as well as S.G. SOPs and Reaction Tables.

  • With the Master’s permission, act in accordance with S.G. Rules for Use of Force (RUF) in order to protect the crew and the vessel. These rules strictly abide by the UNCLOS, ICoC and relevant international and flag-state legislation.

  • Duly support / advise Master for an adequate Casualties Management providing for emergency first aid, as well as situation management support (initial report, decision making, follow up actions etc)

  • Duly support / advise Master and crew for an adequate crisis management in case of hostage taking and / or kidnapping.

  • Depending on your flag state restrictions or operations, we can also arrange for your ship to be escorted. These kinds of situations are often most appropriate where national restrictions forbid the use of armed guards onboard.