Designated Defense Marksman Advanced

The main objective of this rare and unique training is to familiarize students with all advanced work aspects and responsibilities of the DDM inside a protective team at the elevated risk. This training includes both advanced shooting techniques and advanced defensive military drills during field mission. The training is very intensive and requires from participants both discipline and good understanding of team work during high risk security operations.


    • Rifles familiarization if needed 
    • Scope familiarization if needed
    • Grouping and zeroing 
    • Alternate position shooting in combat gear
    • Combat Zero
    • Single and multiple target engagements
    • Low light engagements 
    • Moving targets up to various distances
    • Obstacle clearance
    • Loophole shooting
    • Range estimation & target detection & Observe and Report & KIMS
    • Wind affects up to 1000m & target estimation
    • Camouflage & Stalking
    • Shooting through Various types of glass
    • FFP 
    • Final mission
    • Stress Test

    WEAPONS: Remington 700, AR15 (with Leopold and Nightforce scopes)

    METHODS: This course is an intensive combined program consisting of lectures, practical range drills and field mission.

    SKILL PREREQUISITES: trained sharpshooter, ESA DDM, Sniper, Sniper basic knowledge

    REQUIREMENTS: Applicants need to present valid criminal record check.

    GEAR: Tactical pants and belt, military boots, knee protectors, backpack with camelback, military head kerchief, Ghillie, Combat Equipment, (Hog Saddle)

    Course Duration Price Available  

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