Real World Scenarios

The main aim of the course is to be able to recall the acquired knowledge under pressure and very realistic scenarios. The content of the Real World Scenarios puts the student into realistic situations and requires proper action considering subjective perceptions like tiredness, (physical) stress and pain. During the course the student will be pushed to the limits of her/his own physical and mental capacities. The instructors will support her/him to transcend these limits. Each of our courses is focused on special military training and every student is demanded equally.

The only easy day was yesterday.


  1. Infantry Tactics
  2. Small group tactics
  3. Military Formations
  4. Infiltration
  5. Evasion
  6. TCCC
  7. Tactical Firearms (Carbines and Pistols)
  8. Live fire drills
  9. Combat Drills (FX Simunition)

Pistols (Glock 17, Glock 19), Carbines (AK, M4).

METHODS: The lessons will be held in theoretical and practical lessons.

SKILL PREREQUISITES: Tactical Pistol + Tactical Carbine or Combined Firearms.

GEAR: Tactical gear, Cargo Pants, Tactical belts, Chest Rig, Platecarriers, Holster, Mag pouch

Platecarriers + Holsters can be borrowed from the academy.

Course Duration Price Available  
Real World Scenario 19 - 21 November 2018 1500 $ available